Welcome to Odirile Catering and Cleaning Services.
We are a family founded, owned and managed catering and cleaning  service  business 
that boasts years of relevant experience in the hospitality and  catering industry.  

Driven by our name “Odirile” an African name meaning  “you have worked tirelessly and 
completed your tasks successfully” our aim is  to do just that in all the assignments and 
projects we undertake.  

We strive to always outdo the previous assignment and most of all we strive  to create 
a memorable experience for you and your guests in taste and  aesthetic presentation 
of our products. 
We pride ourselves in the following:
• An impressive satisfied, repeat business client list 
• An impeccable record in delivering to client needs and going beyond expectations 
• Cooking passion and expertise that is evident in the tasty meals,  presentation 
   and service 
• Cost conscious attitude to all projects undertaken 
• Providing professional advice on menus, food choices, decor, budgets and other 
   project related issues. 
• A passion for continuous improvement