Company management 

Odirile is a family business that was a culmination of experience and entrepreneurship
from this formidable compatible husband and wife team. They both have a passion for 
food and have forged ahead together to build the  Odirile company and brand.  

Determined to leave a lasting legacy for their  family they have also roped in their 
children to be part of the company. 
Managing Member: Strongman Rampa 

Mr Rampa has worked in major companies such as Nestle, Kwikot, Gilbey’s,  
Stellenbosch Farmers Winery. He also had the privilege to Co- ordinated 
dinner  functions for Nelson Mandela. His experience in the South 
 African foods and liquor industries, fuelled his passion towards the  
hospitality industry. Along with his wife, they went on to lease the Queens  
Hotel in Kimberley. He now is the overall manager of Odirile. 
Production Director and Head Chef: Mrs Phyllis Rampa 
Mrs Rampa has over 30 years direct experience as a cook.  
She has acquired  this experience from working in company canteens and 
through her own company.  Her role is working in conjunction with the 
dieticians, setting up menu plans. 
Financial and Cleaning Director: Mathulo Kgotatso Rampa 
Mathulo is trained in hotel operation management. She manages the  
cleaning side of the business and the finances of the whole company. 
Assistant Chef: Mamello Lillian Rampa 
Mamello is trained in baking and her other role in the  
business is providing administrative service. 
Our list of satisfied clients is available for any prospective client to use as a reference.