Service commitment 

At Odirile we acknowledge the fundamentals of business where the client is our  
full partner, this means that our success depends entirely on the success of  our clients. 

We continuously strive to provide a totally excellent and  pleasant, stress free 
experiences whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant  legislation and client 
specific requirements. A level of confidentiality is maintained when dealing with 
potentially sensitive client information. 
Catering services::

• Canteen management 
• Daily preparation and delivery as per contract 
• Corporate dining 
• Industrial catering 
• Special company occasions (farewell parties, achievement awards functions,  
   staff Christmas parties, product launches etc) 
• After hours meetings dinner 
• Special projects prepacked lunches 
• Non-corporate functions (weddings, funerals, birthdays etc.) 
• Daily maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen, dining 
   area, equipment and waste disposal where applicable 
All the services mentioned above will be undertaken strictly on quotation and  
tender basis.